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JJPI is a non-profit mental health agency providing outpatient assessment and treatment services in the area of sexual abuse. The program began with the pioneering work of psychiatrist Joseph J. Peters, M.D. in 1955, and was one of the country's first initiatives in the treatment of sexual abuse. Over the years the organization has continued to evolve and now holds a national reputation for its work in assessment, treatment, prevention and education related to sexual abuse.

The Joseph J. Peters Institute provides services for survivors of sexual abuse and other traumas as well as individuals with sexual behavior problems including offenders. The Institute evaluates and treats children, adolescents, and adults. JJPI also provides training opportunities to organizations throughout the region. Its research arm has received numerous grants from foundations such as the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Justice.

Along with clinical services, JJPI has developed a community outreach program whose goal is to educate the community about child sexual abuse. JJPI Prevention Services offers workshops and training seminars on ways to prevent child sexual abuse and intervention strategies to stop it. This public health model initiative allows JJPI to provide a holistic approach to child sexual abuse and prevention. JJPI is one of the few agencies in the country that offers a comprehensive approach to sexual abuse by addressing the entire cycle of sexual abuse with programs on universal prevention and selected intervention, as well as clinical care services.

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